Firefighter’s boots

FTFH0066 Roobuck brand leather fire resistant fireman boots for firefighting

 Roobuck brand Leather firefighter boots is suitable for firefighters in the fire fighting and rescue working condition, protect fireman's foot
and legs from getting hurt from flooding, forces and thermal radiation. With good performace on waterproof

Product:fire resistant ,firefighter boots for fireman
Material:cow leather,aluminum toe cap
Upper/outsole adhesion:≥4.0N/mm
Flame retardant property:after flame time≤2s,damaged length≤100mm
color :black

Features:With good performace on waterproof, anti-puncture, anti
smashing and electrical insulation properties, and also flame retardant, and anti acid, anti alkali function.
Function:Flame retardant,anti-puncture composite fiber midsole,waterproof