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The reason of the safety shoes importance in workplace

The importance of safety shoes is well known now.

Wearing safety shoes at work is extremely important, did you know that 25% of disability applications worldwide are due to injured feet? In UK over 100.000 accidents at work are reported every year, which cost the companies a lot of money.

These expenses, and the inconveniences suffered by workers, are not limited to UK. Indeed, many countries all over the world are implementing tougher policies and stricter standards in terms of work safety, so as to assure protection at the workplace.
In Canada, for instance, the amount of feet injuries decreased by 60% since the use of work safety shoes became compulsory.
More and more countries are embracing the mandatory safety shoes/safety boots standards, in order to guarantee protection at the workplace, and thus to increase the importance of wearing safety shoes at work.


Thanks to the safety standard was improved day by day,the safety shoes industry become more health.
Future Tech Limited ,as the memeber of Jihua group,we always put the quality as the top important thing in the production.
With the experience to serve the army,our Roobuck safety shoes brand was popular in different market.
The most happy news we heard from the customers is like:Roobuck safety shoes has more wider steel cap toe than others,your leather is much better,your steel plate stands our testing already,etc.
How importance of Roobuck safety footwear  from Future Tech Limited derives from the following factors:

• protection against physical harm
• it helps you to be comfortable at work, thanks to its properties
• it helps you to work with greater efficiency
• it gives you an extra kick in case of emergency
• it takes care of your feet
• knowing you’re protected while working increases your self esteem
• knowing you’re protected while working increases your confidence
• in most cases Roobuck brands safety shoes look beautiful,and fasionable
• in most cases Roobuck safety shoes  are also very comfortable